All my work is based on you achieving your goals in the shortest time

Reputation Management

It only takes 5 minutes for a “blogger” to destroy the reputation you took years to build. I help you save your reputation in such eventualities

Lead Generation

Create Online Campaigns that lead to sales and activation. My lead generation services in Kenya are unique and proprietary.

Content Strategy

I provide businesses with online content strategy for all platforms in Kenya. I develop custom content and train account holders on the best ways to implement.

Executive Coaching

I understand you may not need to know the technical aspects but the concepts are essential for strategic planning .

Social Media Marketing

I believe that positioning businesses on social media is not any different from how humans connect and form friendships. Just having a presence is not enough, but connecting to clients and fans in a meaningful way is what really matters.

Search Engine Optimization- SEO

Search engine optimization in Kenya is one of my foremost strengths. I offer unmatched white hat SEO services with quick turn around times and sustainable results.

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ICT Business Solutions
Lead Generation
Case studies

Real Estate Consulting

Love Investing in Real Estate? I Got You

Real Estate Consulting is my’ Think Tank, a research, innovation and  data-driven department that provides expert advice and knowledge applicable to  success real estate investments.

I conducts both internal and client commissioned feasibility studies to  gather market intelligence on real estate demand and supply, emerging markets and  customer trends.  


About Nathaniel

I am an aficionado of all matters digital communication and online marketing.

As a fast learner, curious and fastidious , I enjoy creating magnetic and sticky content that communicates and still seamlessly achieves the preferred action.

Personal Efficiency With Evernote

Most ‘organized’ people start their day with a to do list, and as the day progresses, the list grows. By end of day, they may never be able to tell how much of what they set out to do has been accomplished. This can be because the list was in bits and pieces, a sticky note here, a scribble in a notebook, a reminder on the emailing solution etc. The next morning, it is almost impossible for them to pick up from where they left off the previous day.

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