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10 things you need to know about reputation management in Kenya

Online reputation management in Kenya is a necessary service for both individuals and companies. Anyone with a presence online needs to be in charge of their reputation on the internet. This is for the very simple reason that the internet never forgets. My goal is to help you take charge of your reputation online. Here are the 10 things you need to know about reputation management in Kenya.

Do I need Reputation Management Services?

Most people feel that they don’t need online reputation management in Kenya. And, they are almost right. A healthy person doesn’t need a doctor, yet, right?. Yet, online reputation management is being proactive by taking control of your brand story on the internet.
It is always good to check where your brand’s online reputation stands at any given time. If you go to a search engine like Google and search for your name of the name of your business and look at the results. You will see one of the following :
  • No results at all – This means anyone who will write anything about you will regardless of what they say.
  • If all the results on the first pages seem positive, you are not doing so bad. But, if the content is not authored by you it is still a risk.
To take it further, try a negative keyword search. This is where you insert a negative word before your name or the name of your company and hit search. For example company, X is a scam. If you get results that paint a negative picture, then you are overdue for a reputation makeover.

Can I Manage My Own Reputation Online?

There are things in life that need to must to be handled a professional. I can bet only 1 out of 10 guys can fix an engine problem by themselves if their car breaks down. Managing your reputation online requires a specific set of skills, tools, and expertise that few people have time to learn. But, there a few things that you can do by yourself that will make your reputation stand out online.
  • Avoid oversharing on your social media accounts
  • Make sure your social media bios talk about what you do professionally
  • Limit what people who are not in your circles are able to see on your profiles online

What Does An Online Reputation Specialist Do?

To put it in very simple terms, an online reputation management consultant ensures that your reputation is correctly projected on the internet. He does this by highlighting the positive aspects of your brand through your website, social media accounts, and other platforms.

Can Negative Reviews About Me Or My Brand Be Erased From The Internet?

Unfortunately, the internet never forgets. But, it is possible to push negative reviews into obscurity by building up your profile and relevant accounts. There is a saying, that if it is not on page one of Google, it doesn’t exist.

How Hard Is It To Recover From Negative Brand Publicity

It is definitely more expensive to recover from a damaging online reputation incident. Depending on the extent of the incident, it can be more than twice as expensive compared to proactively building your brand through reputation management. You are better off ready because you recover faster.

What Are The Most Common Problems in Reputation Management in Kenya?

On a fast glace, bad reviews, negative blog posts, wrong information, and outdated profiles. These things, other than portraying a careless attitude towards your brand image. They also obscure and make it difficult for those who want to do business with you.

I Don’t Post on Social Media, What Do I need Reputation Management For?

The internet is not meant to work again’st you, but to work for you.
Not having a relevant presence on the internet is not a win. The internet is one of the best leverage tools ever invented, and making use of it for your personal or business brand is not an advantage to be overlooked.

What Is the Benefit of Online Reputation Management To My Business

The internet has opened up the places where a business can trade. It has also opened up opportunities for malicious agents on the web to harm brands. This might be to take away your market share or just unscrupulous competitive approaches. If a company is not keen on what is being published on the web about it, then its reputation is at risk.


What Is the Benefit of Online Reputation Management An Individual

Let’s take an example where someone posts an article that claims you were dismissed disgracefully from your previous job. Even if it is true you were fired, when potential employers search for you online, which they will, they will hesitate to reach out to you.
Worse still if you are an individual who sells products or services for a living, potential clientele will just move on to someone with a better reputation. After all, competitors are only a click away.


What Can I Do To Safeguard My Online Reputation In Kenya?

First, set up a Google alert for your self or your business. This way Google will alert you whenever something positive or negative that mentions you or your brand appears online.
Use your brand social media accounts to share relevant content regularly. if it is a personal social media account, a few posts a month relating to your professional field will do the trick.


Search engines are not biased, and they will always serve up content when someone searches for your brand. It is up to you to ensure those results are positive. To take care of your reputation is a personal responsibility. It will need strategy and the services of a professional. Otherwise, all your marketing and social media efforts will be for nothing.
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