Your brand is your most valuable asset. It deserves attention and protection. Since over 90% of your potential clientele are first searching for you online, it is up to you to ensure your brand shows up dressed appropriately for that critical first date. 

The Sure Fire Way To Get Rid Of Negative Reviews On The Internet

According to a recent survey, 81% of consumers said online reviews influence their perception of a business they are considering to buy from.

You don’t want a malicious entity to be the first one to speak to your prospective client before you do, right?.

Because it may mean the prospective client might not consider you, leave alone try to find out what you have to say.

Here is How To Combat Negative Reviews Online Using Reputation Management

1. Listen
The first step is really simple, in fact so simple you can implement it yourself. It is listening. Most brands, be it individuals or businesses are unaware of their reputation on the internet. To fix a reputation issue starts with finding out what is out there about your brand, and sorting in a manner that gives you visibility. 
The place to start is to do a reputation audit. 

2. Keep Monitoring

Online Reputation Management requires that you have your hand on the pulse of conversations around your brand online. That is the only way you will be able to formulate a strategy that will work on getting your brand’s reputation where you want it to be.

ORM Tip #1 Set up Google Alerts for your brand name, products and areas of interest. 

3. Formulate A Strategy

Depending on the results of your online reputation audit, create a plan to meet the identified gaps. Does your reputation need repair? Do you need to invest heavily or a simple ORM plan is okay?. 

4. Online Reputation Management

The final part is execution. Roll out your ORM plan. Feel free to enlist my help if this stage becomes tricky to execute. 

Features Of My Reputation Management Services That Will Protect Your Brand

Online Reputation Audit

ORM Audits enables a brand to know exactly where their brand stands online. We provide a concise report on every content on the internet about your brand and recommend the right ORM strategy for your brand.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Effective online reputation management requires a constant awareness of what is being said about and to your brand at all times. This ensures you can respond appropriately for the best results. 

Proactive ORM

Failing to plan is planning to fail, right?. In Online Reputation Management, being proactive wins every time. Building a positive brand is necessary if a brand will successfully weather any negative reviews online. 

Crisis ORM

We all need someone to call when things go wrong. And sometime they can go very wrong. Crisis online reputation management services will ensure your brand is able to recover as graciously as possible from negative publicity online in Kenya or anywhere else.